The Challenge

Chameleon Codewing is the largest installation company in the UK offering a professional installation service to all their customers. Chameleon as leading service providers was in need to retain their customers in their hold by offering an excellent customer support which no one else would have been thought of. They found new, new and more new modern ways to reach their customers.


Axcensa as a leading Odoo ERP solutions provider to Chameleon, was sought to make their service to the customers in the field of installation and product service, smoother and faster in very less time. Axcensa, with a myriad effort, crafted the integration of an exotic HPI Look UP with the ERP of Chameleon that boosted their product service with an likelihood from their customers. To elucidate more, this increased their search more faster and smoother than ever.

HPI Check (an HPI product), is a term widely used to describe an actual vehicle history check throughout the motoring industry in UK. HPI look up is the quickest and simplest way to check if a manufacturer has recalled a vehicle due to a critical safety detect. When the reg number is entered into the vehicle checker, an instant HPI Check report is revealed with the vehicle’s true history.

This enables the Engineers and the customers to have availability checks and to access for their locations to reach their points in short instant of time through Odoo ERP. Automated services through ticket raising, job assigning, tracing, mapping, emailing, sending alerts, keeping track of the records, etc substantiates a more robust notion among the customers galvanizing them around their valuable service.


HPI Look Up Integration with Chameleon’s Odoo ERP tool, Automated and simulated the operations of an service personnel at the customer end by providing history of the vehicle. This guarantees the engineer with the model, make, design, parts configuration details of the customer who made the ticket either for installation or after purchase service. Misalignment of the product parts, wrong products purchase pre-installation, etc were avoided through this integration. Through this advanced approach, the customer specifications are met easily with quick reach and service at the customer end.

About Chameleon

Chameleon Codewing was established in 1989 with the creation of Nationwide Cellular Fit (NCF) fulfilling a niche in the market by offering a truly nationwide installation service. It is one of the largest suppliers of hands free car kits in the country. In addition to this, they also lead the field in the supply and installation of in-car audio/DVD systems, security, tracking, alarms, reversing sensors and satellite navigation. Chameleon offers a unique corporate guarantee to all its customers.

Axcensa with Chameleon

Axcensa as an odoo expertise on a whole renders most of the solutions to chameleon with many years of sectoral growth hand in hand. As today’s regulatory environment tightens, working with a reliable service had led Chameleon to reach Axcensa thereby entering into an excellent opportunity to render services to chameleon through HPI Look up integration.

Why Axcensa?

Axcensa’s integration of HPI LOOK UP with Chameleon’s ERP has perked up business expectations of Chameleon through complete management that shows superior level of customer service. A high-quality support team and online platform to ensure customer-service concerns more when it comes to have a more seamless customer relationship in the long run. The easier hot-button the process, the more happier the customers will be.

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