Business owners know well that it’s usually much harder to acquire a new customer than to retain and grow their relationship with an existing customer. A key aspect of customer retention is to keep them reminded or alerted to what they consider important. With automated message software for businesses, keeping customers informed is drool worthy. The most important criteria in instant messaging service are that it may fail because of Inclement weather, illness, system failures and much more that cause significant operational disruptions.

As people are inundated with so much information these days, e-mail / mobile notifications are an efficient tool to get informed about all the processes performed such as sales, invoice, payments, returns, refunds, raising tickets, providing feedbacks and so on. Hence chameleon demanded an uninterrupted message delivery system with the perfect rescheduling of unsent messages to be laid to deliver the simple notifications to the customers either through email / SMS.


To be successful in any process, the first and foremost thing to be done is “the elimination of the previous fault or creating advantage out of disadvantage”. Axcensa made it easier for Chameleon through its strategic approach of problem-solving that made them develop Odoo ERP Message integration to send messages to customer, employee, partner, client or service agent based on spooling in printers or “store now, use later” Approach.

The messaging integration through Odoo Platform was done through trigger points being set for each and every step in this module. Messaging to a customer/client / service engineer can be done either through E-Mail or SMS.

  1. Creation of Templates – Message Templates for modes such as sales order, sales order approval, payment confirmation, Return merchandise authorization (RMA), maintenance services, etc can be created/drafted so that the basic framework can be made easily and sent, which saves time.
  2. Configurable Trigger Points – Trigger Points are set for all search categories in the modules, Which minimises the input and maximises the accuracy in searching the recipients.
  3. Instant Messaging – The messages that are sent to the receiver in a single click gets spooled, and rescheduled in the background for later use without interrupting the normal process performed in the front end.
  4. Selection of type – Messages sent to the customers are selected whether to SMS / E-Mail / Both based on the user’s selection and type of customer.
  5. Re – scheduling of unsent messages – The messages that are spooled gets processed by the internal process. If any messages sent gets failed, delayed / undelivered due to some technical fault, network failure, etc, then the buffered message may get rescheduled again and again until it get delivered to all the entries.
  6. Easy receiver details fetchabilityThe Odoo ERP message integration fetches the customer Id, and other contact details from its database as soon as it matches with the given selection through various trigger points.
  7. Keeping Records – Records of the messages sent will also be stored for later use retrieving the history of the user and the customer relationship.


A missed appointment or delivery is frustrating for customers who need our products or services. Customer satisfaction and loyalty can be Improved with automated reminders. Messaging integrated with the ERP Odoo Platform allows to send Message notifications to the customers/clients for order confirmation, refund, delivery, etc. It provides the means to remain in touch with your prospective client. This improves customer satisfaction and sustains themselves in the market, staying profitable in the long run. Alerts/Notification on a regular basis help to win the confidence of customers.


Chameleon is a leading service provider with the creation of Nationwide Cellular Fit (NCF) fulfilling a niche in the market by offering a truly nationwide installation service for about 29 years in UK. NCF quickly grew to become the largest hands-free car kit installation company in Europe. After holding that notable position for more than two decades, Chameleon has grown to encompass a range of accompanying services to more than 100,000 customers per annum.


Axcensa as an odoo expertise on a whole renders most of the solutions to chameleon with many years of sectoral growth hand in hand. As today’s regulatory environment tightens, working with a reliable service had led Chameleon to reach Axcensa thereby entering into an excellent opportunity to render services to chameleon through messaging utility integration with Odoo ERP.


Axcensa as a team of skilled professionals, did research and development to do betterment for chameleon in this aspect of rendering messaging service to its customers through Odoo ERP integration. We know that, always an entrepreneur seeks for a solution that brings glory to his business, through holding the customers to remain within their business limit.

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