The challenge

Chameleon Codewing is the largest installation company in UK offering a professional installation service to all their customers. Chameleon focuses on good customer service, which is all about bringing customers back and about sending them away happy – happy enough to pass positive feedback about a business. They searched for solutions to map locations of the customers and the service engineers easily and quickly, so that their service details get automated with the ERP.


Axcensa, along with the Odoo ERP services being rendered to Chameleon, worked with integrating location services also, ensuring complete location discovery of both customers and service support engineers. Axcensa solutioned this issue to locate both customers and support engineers, through Google map integration with Odoo ERP version 10.

Odoo with diversified features allows to integrate Google Map to locate/navigate the customer location to the service personnel and to locate the person to the customer as well, in order to minimize the average time to reach the point of installation with more accuracy. It is made possible through postcode lookup with address navigator concept of Google Map, integrated with Odoo ERP. Postcode Lookup is a tool that aids accurate and reliable postcode searches. Often the tool will return results with choosing the correct address as you go. The look of the address navigator can be customised to suit design according to the view of the specific ostentatious address. Postcode lookup makes capturing a full address many times faster and more accurate than typing it manually.


Accurate address data is good for business. It makes the data available via Google Map integration and makes it easy to add a powerful address search function to ERP of the entreprise. This predictive autocomplete makes for a great address entry user interface, where user errors can be spotted and corrected quickly giving the dual benefits of fast data entry and accuracy. Good address data delivers tangible business benefits and helps improve customer satisfaction. It offers a easier and more professional CRM or ERP database entry ensuring better customer service.

About chameleon

Chameleon Codewing is one of the leading suppliers of hands free car kits in UK with the creation of Nationwide Cellular Fit (NCF) fulfilling a niche in the market by offering a truly nationwide installation service.

Axcensa with chameleon

In google map navigation module, the customer on google map can get the navigation path from any location to the business location or the engineer availability sites. So as to navigate with closer ones for assigning jobs. Axcensa this drool worthy tool is yet to be implemented for Chameleon, which is set on the path with completion.

Axcensa has successfully completed this project and had let the future scope remain in working with complete automation of this integrated module, which lets to choose the possibilities from impossibilities that regulates and plans for the service request of a customer.

Why Axcensa?

Axcensa is a Global Expertise in providing services to its clients with fascinating features of Odoo. Its major road of success would be with the integrations of several modules of Odoo with the client end products. This fantastic module being integrated with Odoo ERP of Chameleon codewing, is yet to be implemented to chuck away other traditional way of business…..

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