Chandra and his team quickly became a crucial partner to me and my development team. They are able to take ad hoc specifications and integrate these into our running ERP systems, quickly and efficiently, as well as maintaining our off site servers and backup strategy. I cannot recommend Axcensa enough.

Lee Carter

IT Manager, Chameleon Codewing Limited, UK

The Challenge

Chameleon demands a larger continual support to its customers in its field of achievement. Organizing information needed for the payment services went too difficult for them with the overall assembling of information before the process could actually start. Speed and reliability of service is indeed a greater requirement for any concern. Technical integration was demanded to continuously optimize the quality of the service and underlying business process with the payment services provided to their valued customers.


Axcensa’s development of Odoo with Worldpay payment integrated services made to unfold its full potential through its quick statistical analysis of the data and renderings its quality support in their ERP with after payment services also.


A custom solution was built, affording them the flexibility they needed, and the capability to work through Worldpay Payment services provided and the challenges together with their team. Axcensa helped Chameleon to implement Worldpay payment services with sales order and invoice integrations, giving them several outstanding results. It takes time, commitment and the desire to not only make promises of quality but reinforce those promises through consistent delivery of superior customer service throughout the production process; from initial order to delivery follow-up. Delivering Excellence through Quality.

About Chameleon Codewing

Chameleon is a leading service provider with the creation of Nationwide Cellular Fit (NCF) fulfilling a niche in the market by offering a truly nationwide installation service for about 29 years in the UK. NCF quickly grew to become the largest hands-free car kit installation company in Europe. After holding that notable position for more than two decades, Chameleon has grown to encompass a range of accompanying services to more than 100,000 customers per annum.

Axcensa with Chameleon

New technologies have already simplified and smoothed business-to-business and business-to-customer experiences with mobile payments, e-wallets, and contactless cards. As the online payment processing market grows, user demands additional payment features and options to lead growth in multiple directions. These demands create technical challenges for the customers and the service providers up and down the transaction path. Each and every Entrepreneur needs consistent reliable service and technical expertise. As today’s regulatory environment tightens, working with a reliable service had led Chameleon to reach Axcensa in many levels of Growth hand in hand. As in our years of technical growth as a sector together we got into an excellent opportunity to render services with Odoo expertise in versions 7, 9 and 10 to enhance the business needs related to the Worldpay payment integration services of the client.

Why Axcensa?

As E-Commerce expands, there is a need for permanent payment solutions worldwide. We, Axcensians rely on the fact that Payment systems are critically important for any business management. We do provide our customers with a definite module to render services in Web Payment services assimilated with Odoo – ERP analytics. This made it available through Odoo 7, 9 and at present with Odoo 10 versions.

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